BB External Bearings - The cheap rebuild
Here follows instructions on how to rebuild your Shimano External BB's at a cost of R30.00 (your labour excluded ) I did not use the Press, puller or any other funny tools as I know most people only own a hamer and a screwdriver . OK I also used a knife but a steak knife should also work .  
  Also note that I wrote this acticle many,many years ago . Prices may have changed a bit . To follow the discussion on this got to :  

Tools : 
1 x medium size Flat tip screwdriver 
1 x rubber mullet (half a brick will also work) 
1 x Knife 
Spares : 
2 x 6805.2RS-DYZ @ R15.00ea

It is a good idea to first remove the BB's from the bike .