Entries for 2016 opened last night . One guess what was the first thing I did this morning ? Just waiting for race office to confirm and then we can do the early bird payment .

I have been busy with the maps for the last few weeks trying to see where I went wrong and why ! Much easier now to put the map and ground features together , even Google Earth makes more sense now .

Tony (aka The Thug) suggest that I get in contact with Lisa de Speville for some expert advice . I thought it would be a good idea for her to first read my blog just to get an idea of what she will be dealing with . To my surprise she accepted the challenge and I did my first Orienteering race two weeks ago . Besides the fact that the whole family enjoyed it a lot , I also learned a lot . 

Did the first section with the kids and it may come as no surprise , we got lost 5 meters into the race . But I soon realise we going wrong direction and corrected quickly . This mistake cost us 34 minutes but once we found the correct route again we found the rest of the CP's fairly easy .

Once at the finish Lisa suggest that I do the next route , which wasn't so easy . After a few tips on map reading from Lisa I ran the 4km route . I actually surprised myself and this time made no mistakes . This is definitly the way to learn this navigation stuff . Will be trying to do as many of these events as possible . For more info go to their website