Dark and Dirty
In 2007 I moved back from Cape Town to Pretoria . I did not really want to be back and had all kinds of excuses why I should turn around and go back . One such excuse what that they had no night riding up here . Call it Karma , good luck or whatever else but two weeks after my move my wife got word of a group of riders that wants to start riding at night . I went to the first gathering and was surprised to find a lot of cyclist with candle sticks , Mag-lights taped to handlebars and all kinds of other means of making the night brighter . Clinton and Thursia came up with this idea to enable them to get some more TITS after-hours . It turned out to be something a lot of us night owls been waiting for , and for 5 years I did not miss a single ride . Soon you had your regulars and every Wednesday evening you will get your newbie’s . No rain , hail , cold or wind could keep us away .