On any given Sunday
After years of playing Darts and Pool in every possible hotel and drinking hole I could find ,  the time came to do something more exciting . Because I was commuting on a XR500R at that stage it only made sense to also use the bike to do races . We first just raced around open fields in Alberton and surrounding areas .

 Then we discover Back of the Moon . This was one of the best Moto-Cross tracks in SA at that stage and they had races at least once a month . Those years everybody raced with four stroke bikes that weighed 200kg , Body armour was unheard of and styling your bike while flying through the air even more so . Unfortunately going down the main drag in Sunnyside Pretoria on my way to work ,  I practiced popping a wheelie and rear-ended a taxi .

A few weeks in hospital and when I got out my bike was gone . Only people with money could afford insurance and that was the end of my dirt bike career , but the need for speed stayed .