When I moved to Richardsbay I discovered that you either become a fisherman or a beach bum . So I got myself some fishing gear , traded the car in on a 4x4 , and with license in hand started fishing . 

Weekends we would be on some remote beach sleeping under the vehicles and just fish the weekend . Later we decided to go to the beach early in the morning before you go to the office and catch some breakfast . Everyday at 4am you would drive down to 5 mile beach where my partner in crime , Kevin would already be waiting . 

Mondays and Thursdays I would make the fire and on Tuesdays and Wednesday I would catch fish . We not once went to the office hungry ,  but we also did not always smell like office workers .

Moving back to JHB I turned to the muddy waters with less success . I did not really care for the taste of Barbel and packed my fishing gear away for holiday trips . 

The misconception is that fishing is not really a sport , but it can be hard work . Finding bait , a cold beer , your smokes and a spot in the shade was not always easy .